You're patient-focused and ready for ownership.

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You’re the difference
in our dental care.


We are a dentist-led, patient-centric organization and nearly 60% of our dentists and specialists are owners. As a specialist with Peak Dental, you’ll enjoy the professional advantages of being connected to a network of the area’s best dentists and receiving a consistent base of referrals. Your patients will appreciate the seamless transition from the dentist’s chair to your office. And you can set your own schedule, enjoy a great work/life balance and build a long career with us.

Own a piece of our rapidly growing DSO.

With Peak Dental Services, you are joining an exclusive group of doctor-owners who influence the company direction, growth and improvements. We offer our doctors and specialists:

  • Market-based compensation for your clinical work
  • Opportunity to invest in our rapidly growing DSO
  • Profit-sharing incentives
  • Referral bonuses
  • Potential to invest in our dental real estate fund

Expand your potential without the overhead.

As a dentist at a Peak Dental Services practice, you’ll have 100% clinical autonomy, and you can spend 100% of your time with your patients. We are dentist-led, and over half of our dentists are owners.

  • We offer you ownership opportunities without the hassle and administrative burdens of running your own practice.
  • You can be more productive with patients when you don’t have to worry about business duties.
  • You won’t be expected to oversee compliance, payroll, human resources or legal – we have the industry’s best team to handle those functions for you.
  • You’ll have full clinical autonomy to perform the procedures you are comfortable with and run the practice your way. No one looks over your shoulder or expects you to meet a quota.
  • You’ll join a team of multidisciplinary specialists and work with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest standard of dental care in your specialized area. Our leading-edge equipment includes CBCTs, cephalometric x-rays, PRF centrifuges, microscopes, advanced surgical rooms and much more.
  • You will receive referrals from our extensive network of Peak practices, allowing you to build consistent business with trusted dentists.
A set of dental tools ready for the patient

More reasons to join us:

  • Market-based compensation with incentives and ownership potential
  • Substantial benefits worth more than $32K per year
  • In-house certification program to easily renew your license
  • ADG-certified continuing education of 30 hours per year
  • CE opportunities nearly every month with varied topics including advanced endo, implant restoration, implant placement, complex restorative cases, handling complications, digital imaging and more
  • Access to leadership training programs developed by the Bell Leadership Institute
  • Opportunities to share your knowledge by teaching your own CE courses
Dr. Michael Zachar, specialty clinical director and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, praises the autonomy he and his colleagues have
“When speaking with my colleagues, a common theme is that they love what we do during the day but hate running the business at night. With our multi-dimensional management team, the day-to-day business duties are greatly alleviated, and I can focus my efforts on patient centered care. The autonomy that I have is no different from my colleagues in private practice.”